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Do you like horror stories? If you do, let me tell you a “scary” story in the world of tech; if you don’t, don’t close this tab right away. It’s even more important for you to read to the end to avoid being a victim.

And the horror story begins when Matt, from Australia, woke up, opened his email, and was greeted with a video of a man in a compromising position. To his horror, he realized that the man in the video was him. The email from the hackers threatened to release the footage to all is Facebook friends and colleagues if he didn’t pay them money. It sounds like a fable to teach us internet security lessons, however, it is a typical hacking horror story that happens plenty of times every single day around the world.

Nowadays, modern hacking techniques are no longer make devices automatically download malwares; instead, they helps hackers to secretly “steal information.” People are constantly being hacked without notice…until hackers start threatening them. While Dr. Safety maximum your mobile security, as soon as personal computers connect to internet, they could exposed your personal information such as emails, videos and so on. Since information are usually in both PC and mobiles, we can say that PC security is as important as mobile security.

For mobile security, we have Dr. Safety. And for PC security, we have Trend Micro Internet Security. In order to provide a more well-rounded security for all devices, we are trilled to announce that Trend Micro Internet Security is now on sale for 40% off valid only at Dr, Safety(India).

Trend Micro Internet Security contains the following functions:
Secures privacy on social media
Fixes and optimises systems
Keeps children safe online
Protects against ransomware
Blocks more than 250 million threats per day
Safeguards against email scams

So the ultimate question is-where can I purchase Trend Micro Internet Security? To purchase Trend Micro Internet Security, all you need to do is open Dr. Safety. And click the discount icon down below! Please note that the discount is valid only at Dr. Safety(India) and is due on 15th of December!

OR, you can click the link to purchase Trend Micro Internet Security and make sure your PC is as safe as your mobile!
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