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Having trouble remembering your password? Password Manager can help you!

Happy New Year! Over the past few days, have you mistakenly used “next year” when mentioning 2017? Passwords are just like that-too easy to be forgotten and neglected. Thus, most people use similar passwords if not exactly the same passwords on multiple accounts. And it could put yourself in a great danger because in that case, if a hacker breaks your password, he/she are going to break all of them soon!

Don’t start panic just yet. Here’s the good news! The latest version of Password Manager can help you login with no obstacles 🙂 Following are the basic tutorial of Password Manager.

Open Dr. Safety, you will find Password Manager among the features list.

By clicking it, you will be direct to Password Manager’s download page at Google Play.

Once you finish downloading and open the app, you will see the introduction of the app.
Then, Password Manager will ask you to create a “Master Password.” You might be complaining, however, this might be the last password you need to remember in your head.
Finish setting the Master Password, you’ll then enter the main page of Password Manager. And despite the fact that it is empty now, you can fill the list by clicking the “plus sign” on the upper right.
Click the “Plus sign” on the upper right, you can add user ID and password of account you frequently used, such as Facebook, Gmail, bank accounts etc.

But helping you remembering password isn’t Password Manager only feature. Password Manager is able to store both user ID and passwords.
Every single account you add will be in the list on the main page of Password Manager.
When you enter, you’ll see the full information of each account. You can either copy and paste respectively ; or just click the red button to “Open Website and Sign In”
Besides securing your accounts, Password Manager can also secure your “confidential information” in “secure note.” It enables you to store important information in your phone without them worrying all the time.

As the mobile devices gradually become an essential part of your life; we use our mobile devices to start business conversations; we use our mobile devices to purchase Christmas presents; and we use our mobile devices to log in bank accounts to transfer money. Good passwords can protect your money and information. Find it hard to have lengthy passwords? Password Manager can help you! Difficult to remember different passwords for each accounts? That’s what Password Manager is here for you. Happy New year, let’s start with brand new passwords 🙂

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