8 Best Network Monitoring Tools & Software of 2018

Network monitoring is a solution that detects the troubles caused by overloading, server failures, or network infrastructure problems. Due to plenty of software existing in the market, individuals and firms often have difficulties selecting an appropriate solution. Thus, we have assembled a list of eight best monitoring tools below:

SolarWinds Network Monitoring


  • Well-organized dashboard
  • Automatic detection and interaction with device agency
  • Customized interface
  • Detailed data of each node on the network

SolarWinds is a favorable networking monitoring solution. While the company offers a various kind of products. Hence, it can automatically discover distinctive errors. Likewise, the system is good at monitor the traffic and bandwidth of the network. Moreover, users can design their own visualized dashboard to receive notification and alarm of sudden incidents.

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  • Automatic feedback from all connected devices
  • Optional subscribed plans to choose from
  • Free version for small and medium-sized firms

Opmanager is employed by thousands of IT administrators. With free version of OpManager, users are able to check up to 10 devices. Besides, it can monitor users’ servers, routers, firewalls, and printers. Also, IT managers can take advantage from its pre-configured template with well-defined parameters and intervals for different devices.

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Whatsup Gold


  • Easy to get started
  • Immediate alerts sent by SMS or emails
  • Suitable for networks managers in relatively small firms
  • Inclusive of monitoring storage and cloud-based services

In presence, WhatsUp Gold is the easiest monitor tools because the dashboards are user-friendly and attractive. In addition, it allows customization according to users’ requirements. However, currently, it is limited to the system of Windows OS. Similarly, it accompanies with various pricing plans to select.

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Paessler Monitoring


  • Available on mobile devices
  • Able to query individual nodes in order to get instant status reports
  • Free version monitor an unlimited number of sensors and available for 30 days

Paessler is famous for its advanced infrastructure management capabilities. It seems to be the introduction for an organization with little knowledge in network monitoring. Besides, the main feature is that it supports mobile version to monitor. Additionally, each device is equipped with specific QR code that can be attached to the hardware. Thus, managers may scan the code by mobiles and acquire a report of the device.

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Nagios XI


  • Completely free with some chargeable plugins
  • Suitable for firms without a big budget for monitoring tools
  • Understandable graphics format

Nagios is an extremely flexible network monitoring tool for a low cost because it is adaptable to plug-ins. However, it will take a little bit more time for users to connect to devices that need to be monitored. Users can update Nagios by installing just software. Hence, users won’t lose any settings and customization.

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