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Having trouble protect your private photos? Photo Lock can help you!

Have your private photos ever been stolen? If fact, there’re lots of risks that someone can threaten you through those private photos.

And after the spread of private photos, the situation was always shadowy inside victims’ heart and cannot be removed.

According to some survey, the majority of threat incidents occurred in spouses / couples. Because the relationship broke up, one of the two can hold a private image based on a threat, revenge, damage the other’s reputation, and this is called “ Revenge Porn.

Trend Micro wants to help users to avoid the problem, thus develops a new security function “Photo Lock”, hoping to hide the private photos to specific page.

Following are the basic tutorial of Photo Lock. Let Dr. Safety protect your private photos!



Open Dr. Safety, you will find Photo Lock among the features list.

Turn on the Photo Lock, you will see the introduction of the function.

And you will see the album now, you can choose the picture and click the “plus sign” on the upper right to hide your private photo.

For making sure your photo security, you will be asked to allow device administrators permission.

Then, Photo Lack will ask you to create a “PIN code” and enter it again.

Finish setting the PIN code, you’ll then enter the page which your photos hidden.

If you want to add more photos, click the “plus sign” on the bottom right.

Finally, the photos you hid won’t show in your album.

While Photo Lock is perfect for all users, we highly recommend users use it to protect their private photos.

No one would like their secrets with private information to be used to wrong hands, right? Turn on the Photo Lock, let Dr. Safety protect you !

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