Information guide to Universiade2017 Taipei

If you want to visit Taiwan to join the Universiade2017 Taipei, you must need lots of information about the sport events, tickets, travel and traffic.

First, we will show the office website and pick up some point of sport information so that you can find what you want as soon as possible.

Then, we will show the other websites’ function to you on next post.

That’s the  home of Universiade2017 Taipei office website(https://www.2017.taipei/home), and you can see the time and temperature in Taipei .

And below is the general schedule. You can search the date of your favorite sport events.

You can also download the app to follow the latest news, but you had better be careful about the internet security.

The ticket system (https://tickets.2017.taipei/)can let you purchase directly.

There’re also lots of introductions about the culture and media on the office website.

If you want more the instant information, you can follow the Facebook fans page and see more video.

Finally, be careful when you surfing the internet, and always check the correct link of news to avoid the malware.

Moreover, you can download the Dr.safety to protect your security!

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Security guide to universiade2017 Taipei



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