Is Public Wifi Network Safe? | Be Aware of someone hacking your WiFi to steal your identity or money.

Due to the features of mobility and convenience, people nowadays depend more on their mobile devices. As the number of free WiFi grows rapidly, hackers also take advantage of engaging in earning a profit. However, most of the users do not notice that they are putting themselves in danger.

When using a Wi-Fi, whether it is public or not, hackers always have the means to connect to your network. The only thing they have to do is to exploit the passwords. Then, they are able to view and obtain the content of emails, software, and even banks credentials. In particular, people often use free WiFi without passwords. Consequently, these often provide greater chance for your information to be stolen.

Recently, Trend Micro has discovered that online commercial frauds have adopted new strategies. In addition to a phishing e-mail, hackers are more interested in the employees’ connected phones or laptops. Since it enables them to expose to more valuable data from the firms. According to statistics, small and medium-sized enterprises are more likely to be targets of fraudsters.

Report has it that due to the lack of security awareness, public WiFi is weak to be invaded. Among the globe, the most insecure locations are Times Square in New York, Notre Dame and Disneyland in Paris, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, etc.

Tips to Get Rid of Cyber-Attack:

It has the function to scan your WiFi connection and downloads, which can filter malicious software.

  • Ensure the operating system in your phones is the latest version

The older one is often at a higher risk of being hacked.

  • Remember to log out after connecting to the public WiFi every time

Keeping your connection will provide hackers with great possibility to infiltrate the private information in your devices.

  • Cut off your network connection immediately if your phones encounter unusual slowdown or warning signs

This is likely to be a precursor.

  • Ensure the source of your download is trustworthy

In order not to bring malicious software and Apps into your smartphones. Don’t ever download the program from an unknown source.

  • Try to avoid connecting to free WiFi network

Being a heavy user of free WiFi means that you had a higher chance of becoming the next victim.


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