Is Your Mac Always Overheated Recently? Be Aware That You May Be Implanted With a Mining Program

Recently, Mac users have indicated that their CPU usage and battery consumption are higher than usual. According to the researchers, the reason lies in a cryptocurrency mining program named “mshelper” by Trend Micro.

The supposed infectious path of the program is downloading a fake Flash Player or malicious files. The researchers found the startup program of the mining ransomware with management authority. And this allows the mining program to continue to execute within the system even if users shut it down. We also discovered that this 3.5MB launcher provides over 23,000 functions.

As mentioned above, Mshelper is a mining malware used by criminals. The launcher will establish the execution program and utilize it to open mining tools targeting Monero (kind of cryptocurrencies). According to its complex function, the program can easily overheat computers and damage fans. Therefore, it is better for users to delete it immediately after noticing.

Ways to Avoid Being Infectious:

This is not the first time that Mac has been attacked by the malicious cryptomining program. There were cases that criminals used MacUpdate website to distribute mining backdoors. Unsurprisingly, as cyber criminal organizations start to be keen to encrypt virtual currency, more similar cases will surely occur in the near future. If you do not want to fall into victims, make sure you follow the suggestions below to avoid being infected:

  • Update your hardware, software, operating system and firmware periodically
  • Aware of the situations that are vulnerable to attacks in particular. For instance, emails with unusual links or attachments, software, and applications from suspicious or unofficial websites.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac® can assist users to protect all of the devices and online transactions by means of preventing them from websites threats and malicious files. The Trend Micro solution protects against malicious software attacks which allows you to feel much safer while using the internet. What’s more, clear protection status reports are also provided for users to track the performance of it.


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