Are Your Smartphones Infected with Viruses? | Easy Tips to Protect Your Devices

Cyber criminals usually use plenty of incentives to deceive users to download malware without consciousness. Moreover, viruses and malware might appear as normal as possible or even look like official apps to attract more clicking. Recently, smartphones have become a target of cryptomining. As a result, this often slow down operating system or bring some physical damages along. In most of the cases, users do not notice that they have already downloaded something vicious until their gadgets encounter a sudden slowdown.

5 signs when smartphones are infectious with malware

  • Showing unexpected advertisement
  • Taking more time to load a video or web page
  • Receiving e-mails from unfamiliar websites
  • Emerging some software which you have never seen before
  • Consuming more internet and data than usual
  • Unable to function your gadgets or read files and photos

Simple Countermeasures to Take Immediately If Needed

When you notice your smartphone might be infectious with malware, we recommend you to take necessary countermeasures:

It is crucial to use an anti-virus software because it’s difficult to know whether your devices are infectious. Accordingly, you should use the latest updates of anti-virus software. And scan your devices regularly. Once the malicious software is detected, remove it as soon as possible.

  • Confirm the payment record details of your credit card

If you are aware of any transaction records without your permission, contact your Credit Card Company or financial institutions for further confirmation.

  • Initialize the devices (Reboot into safe mode)

Once the device becomes inaccessible, implementing initialization is the last resort. The data stored in the device will be erased accordingly, so make sure you backup them in the cloud or USB, etc.

Tips to Help Protect Your Devices Against Malware

If you haven’t found any abnormal condition in presence, you can follow the tips to create and deploy protection:

  • Utilize a robust security system to protect your phones
  • Use the latest version of all the operating systems and software
  • Do not click on any suspicious link
  • Never connect to an unsecured public Wi-Fi
  • Install apps only from official sources
  • Secure the network in your home


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