A Look into Cyber Security Threat | How to Maintain Home Network Security

Malicious networking activities target not only the browser now. However, current wave is that many connected devices in home fall victims in cryptomalware as well.

Routers are the gateway of all networking devices in home. Therefore, they often attract various threats and put users’ information in danger. Hackers can steal personal identity and operated the system remotely.  Accordingly, cases related to exposed baby cam and smart TVs are reported frequently.

Threat to Unsecured Home Routers

Aside from the PCs and smartphones, users start to depend on more connected gadgets in our house, and working places. Thus, as the traffic provider in home, routers are the basis of an appropriate protection. According to the investigation, unsecured routers should be blamed for the threat of smart home. Users often neglect the importance of setting up methods, such as the usage of default passwords and outdated firmware.

Cryptocurrency Mining with Home Devices

We found out that some specific mining program will attack the vulnerabilities of the system and acquire the access. Then, they can implant instrumentation to download mining program. The main infections methods are through spams and suspicious links. The program can mine for profit. Not until the battery consumption is too high will the users run a check.

Ransomware and Vulnerabilities in Home Devices

Recall from the tragedy in 2017. We stood out from WannaCry was how connected systems can be locked up with ransomware. Their main focus is not valuable data; criminals can make all the connected devices locked until users pay up.

Securing Home Routers with Trend Micro Home Network

There are more than 1 million routers and 6.7 million connected devices under the protection of Smart Home Network  around the globe. In order to disclose the potential network threat, we are consistently analyzing the feedback and report from these routers. Trend Micro has already protected home networks from 8.5 million attacks and blocked 6.7 million hits of ransomware-related site connections.


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