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Do you own a Mac? The common perception of Mac users is that their computers are free from malware and viruses. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case. Even though it is true that Windows systems were targeted more frequently than Mac in the past. Along with the popularity of the Mac Book, the phenomenon is changing. Cyber criminals start to put more attention on this platform, which is definitely not good news to the users.

Accordingly, it is estimated that Mac-related malware has soared 270% over the previous year. The malicious threat of Mac is not that common compared to Windows PCs. Nevertheless, once you click on the link, it may cause serious consequence. Users may encounter the loss of the files, data breach, or even lock up the whole systems.

Name of 3 Notorious Mac Viruses

1. Meltdown/Spectre

Meltdown is regarded as one of the most serious threat recently. The hackers use the bug in the operation system to read the memory. Despite of the fact that there aren’t any related cases, attackers can still user it to steal your information.

2. Word macro viruses

The macro program embedded into Word can contain malicious software. In case, it is able to run automatically, your Mac will be forced to download info-stealing malware and ransomware.

3. Fruitfly

Fruitfly is used to capture the screenshots and the images from webcams. In the meanwhile, it can infect other connected devices on the same internet.


Some built-in protection to secure your Mac

1. XProtect

It’s a kind of scanning tool in the background. As long as you open the attachment from anonymous emails, it will check the files against its blacklist. However, the drawback is that its default list of malware is not comprehensive enough. As a result, much existing malware could still pass the filter.

2. Gatekeeper

Users are highly recommended to download every application from Apple store. Therefore, if the application you download is not permitted by Apple, Gatekeeper will remind the users of their risk.

3. Anti-phishing

It’s kind of plug-in from Apple’s browser, Safari.


Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac®

The good news is that there are some third-party tools for you to strengthen the security of Mac. Meanwhile, upgrade the protection against the rising threat. Although Apple has already managed to provide a complete prevention, it is still not enough.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac can protect you against growing malicious threat from malware. Moreover, it serves as a safety guard for parents to monitor the internet and make your Mac more child-friendly. Some reports from the third-party also prove that Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac support 100% protection against any threat.

Click here for more information about Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac®, where you are able to use the free version for 30 days.


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