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Check out this tutorial of the new Dr. Safety to keep your phone from malware step by step!!!

Have you notice the latest version of Dr. Safety is available on Google Play? To make the most of this anti-virus app, you need to turn features on! Here’s the step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to keep your phone from malware.

**Notice that the tutorial above only support to Android 6.0 and above**

After opening Dr. Safety, you will see the “things” you need to fix, which is automatically detected by Dr. Safety. Choose the first one,”Allow permissions to use features.”

Then you will enter the page which lists all four features that need you to activate. There are Lost Device Protection,  Security Threat Scan, Safe Web Surfing, and Call & SMS Filter. Those haven’t been activated will show as blue “GO” buttons; those have will show as green checkmarks. You can click the GO buttons to start activate! And according to how many features you turn on, on the top of the page, the Dr. Safety puppy will show the percentage of activation.

When turning on 40% of features, a “Almost done”notification will pop up! Please click “Continue” to finish the final step 🙂

To turn on“Safe Web Surfing,”you need to go to the bottom of the page to the “Services.”This will allow Dr. Safety to detect the malware from any websites immediately.

Finally, there’s the newest feature–Call&SMS Filter! It will keeps the annoying calls and SMS away by providing you an instant caller information whenever there’s an incoming call or SMS.

When all features are activated, your mobile device is well prepared to encounter the danger among the internet. You can sit tight to see the Safe Web Surfing give you notification when you enter a toxic site, or to avoid spam call when an unsave number calling you since the Call & SMS Filter will automatically tell you not to pick up.

** Call & SMS Filter is powered by Whoscall**

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