“Smartwatches” Turn Out to Be a Security Threat | Simple Practices to Secure Smart Device Use

Wearable Internet of Things devices such as smartwatches aid parents to keep an eye on their kids. However, any consumers want to buy one for your children need to think twice. Make sure the device will not pose a threat to their personal safety – online or other places.

Personal Safety Are Not Secure

Researchers found out exposures of smartwatches which may lead to a problem. Accordingly, these bugs allow strangers to track users’ real-time location, sniffing voice messages, or contacting them.

Personal Identity Might Be Stolen

The report also revealed that several devices send sensitive data to a server located in North America and East Asia without proper encryption. Hence, their identities might be stolen and misused by unwanted individuals.

Cloud-Based Toys Share Similar Risk

Data breach becomes more common around the globe, causing panic and troubles. Security concern also raised about kids’ connected toys such as CloudPets stuffed toys. As a result, Amazon has announced to pull them off its online store earlier this year.

8 Questions to Check When Having a Smart Device for Your Kids

Does the device you consider to buy ……

  • asks for personal data?

  • equipped with a camera to take photos or videos?

  • supports two-way voice communication?

  • uses voice or facial recognition?

  • works with GPS?

  • has a microphone for conversations?

  • allows your kid to send or receive messages?

  • stores data in the cloud?

8 Simple Tips to Secure Your Kid’s Smart Device Use

  • Monitor the posts your kid shares on the devices

  • Supervise your kid when posting images or videos

  • Ask your kid to inform you if a stranger tries to contact them via the devices

  • Turn off the function of collecting biometric data, if needed

  • Adjust the settings to your need and minimize the privacy sharing

  • Disable the microphone when not in use

  • Filter the contact list of the devices

  • Be aware of the cloud services on kids’ gadgets


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