Limit Children’s Screen Time With These Apps

With the development of information technology, smartphones and tablets are widely acquired, children are able to use them more easily than before. In order to prevent children from searching for inappropriate content, such as a criminal website or an adult/mature content, parents should check their children’s online activity.

Nowadays, the number of application has been developed to monitor children’s use of online activities so that parents can monitor at home or remotely. Parental control apps provide many features such as GPS tracking, time limit control, daily internet activity reports, and content filtering. Thus, we have assembled a list of three best parental control apps below:


Norton Family Premier (Android): Best Overall Parental-Control App


  • Great location tracking features
  • Easy-to-configure restrictions and profiles
  • Ability to block individual apps

Norton Family Premier has multiple supervision functions, including web, time, search, social network, video, mobile app, and text message. Moreover, Norton Family Premier shows your children online action and flag the unsafe behavior so that parents can communicate with your children and protect them.

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ESET Parental Control (Android): Best Value


  • Easy-to-set-up web filters and time limits
  • Strong app-management tools
  • Support for unlimited Android devices

ESET Parental Control has strong location tracking features, it displays the location of the device at any time, and reduce the anxiety of not being able to grasp the location when the child forgets to send a text message or call you.

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My Mobile Watchdog: Limited Control Features


  • Easy-to-review web browsing history
  • The simple and graphical user interface
  • Support for blocking apps and websites

In present, My Mobile Watchdog is convenience and easy to install because the dashboards are user-friendly and attractive. In addition, My Mobile Watchdog can access text messages to alert parents that your children receive an unknown and unauthorized message. Also, My Mobile Watchdog allows designating specific time slots that restrict your child’s phone usage.

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