Alexa Can Listen All the Sensitive Conversation in Your Home

In recent years, AI smart speakers equipped with intelligent voice assistant has become a part of the smart home system. Because of its convenient voice interaction, smart speakers can listen and analyze the user’s conversation by uploading it to the cloud server for semantic analysis.

In addition, smart speakers can give control commands to various IoT devices in the home. Such as playing music, unlocking the door, checking the weather, querying the problem through the search engine, or even shopping. It makes the user’s daily life become more convenient.

However, are these smart speakers safe enough?

The Threat of  Information Security About Amazon’s Alexa

In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), researchers discovered that hackers can reprogram Amazon’s Alexa service to control it to eavesdrop on user conversations and transcribe the sensitive information. The hacker only needs to create an application that allows the voice-activated digital assistant to transcribe all the content it heard, and lead the hacker to maliciously exploit the confidential information in the home.

The design concept of the Alexa digital assistant is that it is always in the standby state, the built-in microphone is continuously turned on and monitored until the specific keyword is heard. Then the device enters the interactive mode, and start recording the user’s conversation. However, the researchers found that it can be exploited by inserting the API empty prompt code, which represents that Alexa thinks it has notified the user that the device is still listening, but it is actually silent. As a result, the user does not realize that the smart speaker is still eavesdropping on their conversation.


Information Security Tips For Smart Home Device

Using the following three methods to enhance the security of smart home devices:

  • Check the device’s default settings and permissions, afterward adjust the settings to improve security.

  • Regularly download firmware and software updates.

  • Protect the network router account password to defend attacks. Frequently change and create strong passwords.


Trend Micro Home Network Security

Trend Micro Home Network Security provides protection against network intrusions, web threats and identity theft for every device you connect to the internet in your home – including game consoles, smart speakers, and appliances. Any product that connected to the Internet now has the potential threat of hacker attack; leading to data and identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion. In order to avoid these threats, through Home Network Security can ensure all of your privacy is secure.

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