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Tripped up by Social Media Privacy Setting? Use Dr. Safety to remove privacy risks!!!

As for spam calls problems, Dr. Safety has offered spam call filter to block those annoying calls. However, while you’re enjoy using the newest function, have you wondering that HOW your phone number was leaked? The “Social Media Privacy Advisor”will help you remove privacy risks by checking your Facebook privacy so that you will know exactly who sees what you share.

Are you curious about what specifically does “Social Media Privacy Advisor”scan? Basically, it scans through every personal information and privacy settings on mobile version of Facebook. For instance, “who can see my mobile number,””who can tag me on photos,” and “availability to old version of Facebook on mobile.”

When you enter“Social Media Privacy Advisor,” you will see a Facebook login button. Please click and login to your Facebook!

After logging in, Dr. Safety will scan through your privacy settings. And according to the result, it will give you a list of privacy concerns. If you want to enhance privacy, just simply tap a“concern”and change the setting. It’s  easy and handy, and you can do that in Dr. Safety without going to another app!

When all the privacy concerns are fixed, you don’t have to worry the your personal information got leaked! But please note that many of Facebook privacy default settings are public. Therefore, do recheck it from time to time! Especially when you add more information on Facebook or change your mobile number.

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