Dr. Safety Tips (English)

Can I scan my SD card with Dr. Safety? Absolutely!!!

Can you insert micro SD card in your mobile phone? Only Android phones are available for this tiny devices, which can save you from using up all the storage 🙂 You can choose to save your photos, information, or even apps on micro SD card rather than on the phone. A micro SD card is as if a portable hard drive for mobiles. And just like any hard drives, it has its potential threats to the mobile.

So the ultimate question is, “can I scan the files in the micro SD card with Dr. Safety?” The answer will be-absolutely yes!

If you would like to scan your micro SD card, please enter “Security Threat Scan” and click the gear on the upper right.

Then choose “Settings” to enter scanning check list. Those have been selected will show as blue checkmarks. Select the third one-”Scan Memory Card.” As soon as you select,  the forth one, “Scan Option,” will appear.

As you can see, you can choose to scan all files or other app files.

Therefore, the next time you do the Security Threat Scan, it will scan your SD card as well. Please note that usually there are a lot of the files on SD cards, so that the scan will take longer than it used to be. Please be patient 🙂

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