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You can ZOOM IN on Instagram NOW!

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram posted a short video announcing the newest function-Zoom. This latest function is literally “pinch to zoom,” which allows you to zoom in not only the photos but also the videos on Instagram. Although at the beginning Zoom is only available for Instagram on iOS, from the post, Instagram claimed that Zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks. And here it is:)

You do remember those cringing photos you are too lazy to “retouch” before posting, right? The fact that Instagram allows you to “Zoom” is actually a lot more serious than that. According to an report on Mail Online, hackers can easily track you through just EIGHT tweets. When one is capable of zooming in to check the exact street numbers or landmarks in your, you are exposed in great danger. Other information will lead to potential troubles are license plate numbers, social security numbers, and so on.

Further more, have you ever shared your Instagram photos on Facebook? A simple act like “tagging” would make yourself be seen by friends of friends. It’s convenient yet it puts you in danger at the same time. Thankfully, Dr. Safety’s Social Media Privacy Advisor will help you remove privacy risks by checking your Facebook privacy so that you will know exactly who sees what you share.


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