Yahoo confirms 500 million accounts stolen! Check out the self check tutorial to know if your account is hacked!

Last week, Yahoo confirmed data “associated with at least 500 million user accounts” have been stolen. This statement has made Yahoo become the fourth massive data breaches that came to light this year, including Myspace, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. The first one accrued in May, when 360 million Myspace accounts including email addresses, usernames and passwords turned up for sale. In the same month, 117 million LinkedIn account details were sold on data sharing websites. Later in August, 68 millions users’ email addresses and passwords  were leaked from cloud storage firm Dropbox. It even sent out notifications to all users who had not changed their passwords since 2012.  

Massive data breaches highlight the importance of cyber security. While those companies making efforts to tight security, one must pause to consider what we can do as an ordinary user?

Actually, has offered a self-check search engine. By simply typing in your email, it will identify if the email has been hacked. Following is the tutorial for self-check on!

When you enter the homepage of, you will immediately see the giant  ‘;–have i been pwned?’You can type in Email or username in the search bar below. And in just a few seconds, you will know the answer!

If the user account is safe, the page will turn green.

But if not, it will turn RED. will list the breached sites that lead to the security risks. In this particular case, the email got hacked from both Myspace and tumblr.

Once you found out your account is in hacked, please change your password right away.

Besides maximizing your password security,  you can turn on the“Privacy risk scan” in Dr. Safety to maximum your privacy security since it scans to prevent thieves, hackers, and spyware from accessing private data.

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