Dr. Safety Tips (English)

Your phone is stuck? Free up memory space to optimize your phone and battery!

Have you ever think your phone is stuck? Does your phone somehow start to slow down after being used for over a year? Or does it start to crash after one and a half year? And the battery isn’t that long-lasting anymore?

For those circumstances, Dr.Safety launches a brand new function – “System Tuner” to make improvements to your phone. 

The“System Tuner”contains two parts: Memory and Battery. It helps to make improvements to your phone by optimizing Memory and Battery respectively. Please note that in order to use “System Tuner,” you have to update to the newest version 🙂

So, how can System Tuner help me with my memory?
When operating, mobile devices automatically create/download cache. The System Tuner optimize memory by deleting cache to free up storage. Thus it is able to boost speed and improve the performance of your phone.



How can System Tuner help me with my battery?
Do you ever wonder why the battery started draining quicker than ever? One of the key fact is the junk files. System Tuner not only analyzes battery status but helps delete junk files to save more battery.



System Tuner is not just for used phones. However, try to optimize your phone daily and you will amazed that it upgrades your user experiences. And moreover, it helps to extend your battery life.

Have you ever think your phone is stuck? Try System Tuner and wave away the low speed of your phone!

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