5 Numbers outline 2016

What happened in 2016? Let’s review those incidents together 🙂

1.Yahoo Confirms 500 Million Accounts Stolen!
On September,2016, Yahoo has undergone a large cyber-security breaches. The company confirmed data “associated with at least 500 million user accounts” have been stolen two years ago. But the cyber-security breach hasn’t been found out until recently. The lateness may give hackers a long period of time to make use of the data.

And Yahoo is not the only victim, on contrary, it is just one among a series of cyber-security breaches, including Linkedin, Tumblr, MySpace, FriendFinder Networks, etc.

Read more about cyber-security breaches>>Yahoo confirms 500 million accounts stolen. Check out the self-check tutorial to know if your account is hacked!

2. How hackers can track you through just EIGHT tweets
According to “Mail,” experts at MIT and Oxford University found that to pinpoint someone’s exact location only requires 8 tweets per day. Moreover, it is extremely simple even for people with little technical knowledge. The report shows that 65% of the time study participants can identify twitter users’ homes correctly, and nearly 70% of time they can point of twitter users’ workplaces.  

3. There’s a ransomware attack every 8 seconds!
Trend Micro have been understudy ransomware for years. The study shows that there’s a ransomware attack every 8 seconds! And up to 40% of the attacks are aim to ordinary users. To ordinary users, the top three heartbreaking experiences when encounter ransomware attacks are: disappearing old photos, spending lots of money saving devices, and not being able to open important files. In other words, ransomware attacks not only take away your money but all the good old memories.  

4. 48% people will put anonymous flash drives into their computers
This is a new tricks of hackers. When there’s an anonymous flash drive appears in your post box, DO NOT try to open it in your computer. a few Australians received anonymous flash drives. And some of them got infected by virus by putting flash drives in computers.

5. 41 to 45 years old women are easy targets?
Warning especially to middle-aged women that are active on Facebook, Tinder, or any dating apps

Scammers usually select victims from social media database. From police reports, 56% of female victims’ age are between 36 to 50.

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