The ultimate holiday survival guide!

It’s the holiday season. Apart from the awkward gift you have to give to your sister-in-law and Secret Santa that apparently makes your bank account empty, everything is fine, right?

WRONG! During the holiday, you are facing those tough questions about your grades/career, your relationships etc. So, here’s the ultimate holiday survival guide by Dr. Safety!

Update your mobile system and apps
Using mobile devices during family time might be a terrible idea, however, it’s the best way to act like you are super busy and to avoid being questioned. Besides, many apps are launching their Christmas versions. For example, Google released its “Santa Tracker” in the beginning of December. It’s like an “advent calendar,” but instead of getting products, you get a lesson, a little game, or a video every single day.

But as an internet security company, the one and only reason that we recommend you to update the mobile system and apps is we care about your safety. The later version of mobile system will have lesser security vulnerabilities; and the latest Dr. Safety can provide you a more well-rounded mobile security.

So, How to update Dr. Safety?
1. Go to Google Play and open the side bar

2. Choose “My apps & games”

3. Find Dr. Safety and click “UPDATE”

In Trend Micro 2016 annual report, it shows that the growth rate of ransomware is 400%!!! That’s to say, three fourth of the ransomware nowadays are fairly new. Thus, to update regularly is IMPORTANT. As the best antivirus mobile app, Dr. Safety will protect you. But we can only provide protection if you update to the latest version 🙂


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