Dr. Safety 2016 review :D

It’s the last Friday of 2016! Let’s do a Dr. Safety version throwback together.

In 2016, we lunched 2 new functions : Call-blocking and System Tuner.

Call-blocking enables Dr.Safety’s users to avoid picking up spam calls. Whenever there’s an incoming call, Dr. Safety will automatically start searching its caller identification through the global database of over 700 million numbers. A call dialog will pop-up on your screen to provide you an instant caller information! Block-call can identify caller information from annoying telemarketers to the delivery store you just ordered!

>>More about Call-blocking
Dr. Safety every day, keeps the annoying calls away!

System Tuner can help you optimizing memory and battery by deleting cache, and junk files to free up storage!

>>More about System Tuner
Your phone is stuck? Free up memory space to optimize your phone and battery!

To enjoy new functions, all you have to do is to UPDATE to the LATEST VERSION!

>>Update tutorial 

Moreover, we created a blog to share news and little tips about Dr. Safety 🙂
For instance, want to scan your SD card?
Here’s the step by step tutorial >>
Can I scan my SD card with Dr. Safety? Absolutely!

Afraid that the social media will expose your phone or location? Dr. Safety can remove privacy risks on your social media. Check out more info>>Tripped up by Social Media Privacy Setting? Use Dr. Safety to remove privacy risks!

In the blog, we also provide stories about securities such as the breach of Yahoo user accounts, and viral phenomenal PPAP.

The end of year is the time to say thank you 🙂  We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you! Thank you for loving, using Dr. Safety. If you like it, please introduce it to your family and friends. And in 2017, we will continue protecting you from malware and hackers.

Thank you so much and we will see you next year!


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