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Hackers now are using the brand new “Gmail Phishing Technique.” What do?


Have you heard of Email Phishing? According to Wikipedia, “phishing” is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. And obviously, email phishing attacks are conducted via emails. The latest ”Phishing Technique” targets particularly to Gmail customers..

So…how does Gmail Phishing Attack work?
Attackers, hackers, will send an email to your Gmail account. Usually, the it comes from your friends or acquaintances and contains images as attachments.

When you click on the image in order to see the preview. A new tab will open up and ask you to sign in to Gmail again. Once you sign in, your account has been compromised.

To protect our users, Dr. Safety launched the brand new feature – Mail Scanner. With this new feature, Dr. Safety are able to  block emails containing suspicious links and attachments automatically. Here’s the step by step tutorial of “Mail Scanner”!!!

First, you have to update Dr. Safety to the latest version. Mail Scanner is only available for the latest version.

Read more about Update>>

Open the features list, you will find the  “Mail Scanner

Enter, you will see the basic introduction and a blue button to log in to your Gmail!

If your mobile device has already logged in to your Gmail account, you can immediately activate the Mail Scanner

Once you logged in,  “Mail Scanner” will automatically scan through all the existing emails.

Then you are now protected by theMail Scanner.” You don’t need to worry about being the phishing target anymore 🙂

Email Safety is important, yet we don’t check the safety status on day-to-day basis. Depends on your preference, Dr. Safety can send you regular feedback. Add your preference by clicking the button on upper left and select “feedback.”

“Email” is probably one of the popular word during the year 2016. While Mail Scanner is perfect for all users, we highly recommend users use it to protect their business Gmail accounts.  No one would like their emails with confidential information to fall to wrong hands, right? Turn on the Mail Scanner, let Dr. Safety protect your Gmail:)

Source: Wide Impact: Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited




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