How do you like a selfie? Watch out if you use this photo app!

How do you like a selfie. Is it in your daily routine? The popular photo app Meitu is reported by CNN that it recently under fire for sneaky data collection.

Meitu quickly drew attentions over the past couple of weeks due to its various filters, especially the newly launched “camera dimensional,” which transform portrait into hand-painting style. The filter later were used on several celebrities.

Mashable use the filter on President Trump and Secretary Clinton

However, according to CNN and Android Police, Meitu asks for 23 permissions, including camera, photo gallery, network access, GPS location, MAC address, local IP, and more
Users are used to being asked for permissions when downloading apps, however, many of those spend little time thinking the impact of “clicking allow.” Following are the potential threats:

1.Access to camera–Hackers can control your camera remotely
2. Access to Photos–Your private photos, including selfies, could be stored in servers
3. Access to GPS location–Hackers will have full information of your living habits and active area
4. Access to your MAC Address / IMEI–In most occasion, it is impossible to access both MAC Address and IMIE. Thus, if hackers have both of them, they can identify your one and only device.

Many internet security researchers concerned that the collected data might be sold or exposed like CM Security did last year, where it accidentally exposed 3 millions personal information.

Taking pictures has already become part of our daily routine, however, no one wants give up their rights for a photo app. Dr. Safety wants to remind you that by allowing apps to access, you somehow put yourself in danger. And only allow when it’s necessary 🙂

Further Explanation:In response to people’s concern, says it doesn’t sell user data.

Popular photo app Meitu is sending IMEI, MAC address, and more to remote servers
Viral selfie app under fire for sneaky data collection


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