What is Dr. Safety?

Dr. Safety is an anti-virus, full-suite security app for mobile devices. It fends off virus intruders, guards your data privacy, finds lost devices, and keeps unwanted callers away with security technology by Trend Micro.

Why can’t I uninstall Dr. Safety?

If you have enabled device administrator in Lost Device Protection, you may need disable it before you uninstall Dr.Safety. To disable device administrator, go to Settings -> Security -> Device administrators (may be different for different devices), and then disable it for Dr. Safety.

For those devices on which Dr. Safety is pre-installed, you may not be able to uninstall it. But you can disable our app so that our app won’t be started or prompt notifications. To disable Dr. Safety, go to Settings -> Apps, and then find and tap Dr. Safety, then tap the button “Disable“.

Why does this app need so many permissions?

Dr. Safety gives strong protection and optimization for your Android devices. Some features require certain permissions to work correctly. If you do not use a feature, you don’t need to turn on permissions for that feature.

Here are what the required permissions are used for:

  • Device Administrator: used to execute a remote device wipe in case of theft
  • Draw over other apps: for critical alerts and battery saver
  • Accessibility: for safe web surfing and battery saver
  • App Usage Access: for monitoring apps usage in App Lock
  • Phone: for call blocking
  • Storage: for junk cleaner, and files scan
  • Contacts: for importing numbers in call blocking
  • Location: for device locating in lost device protection
  • SMS: for importing numbers in call blocking
  • Microphone: for recording videos in photo vault

How do I update the virus pattern?

The virus pattern is updated automatically when there is Internet connection by default. However, you can also manually update it if it is not the latest version. To update it manually, go to Scan Settings and tap Update Pattern.

Why are there so many ads?

To provide users with mobile security protection, the app is sponsored by ads. Our team will collect user feedback to continuously improve AD experience. If you see any ad with inappropriate content(s), please contact us via drsafety@trendmicro.com.

Can I pay to remove ads?

Yes, if you want to remove the ads, you can purchase the other app “Trend Micro Mobile Security” (search this in Google Play Store).

My favorite app is scanned as threat, but it isn’t!

Please submit the app link and screenshot to drsafety@trendmicro.com for further assistance.

How can I sign out from mail scanner?

Please sign out here: https://www.mailscanner.trendmicro.com/signout

What does Battery Saver do to save battery?

Battery Saver forces stop selected apps to extend battery life. Once an app is force stopped, its notifications and background tasks may also be prevented.

To force stop an app, the accessibility permission is required.

Why do the photos in the album still exist after they are added to Photo Lock?

On some smartphones, or with certain photo apps, your photos are synced between your device and cloud automatically. This is convenient but sometimes unsafe (there are more and more account breach events recently). If you find your pictures still exist in the album, please find the system settings or account settings to turn off automatic sync. And then you can remove the pictures from the album permanently.

How to back up the photos in Photo Lock or move them to new phone?

Photo Lock allows you move your photos out to a public place in the device storage. After that, you can back up them or move them to a new phone with your own way.

How to reset password/pattern for Photo Lock if I forget it?

Please sign in your Trend Micro account first. When you forget your pattern, you can reset it with your Trend Micro account.

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