This is a brief list of the most frequently asked questions. If you like our product, could you please go to Google Play store and give us 5 stars rating? Your support has been greatly encouraging to Dr. Safety team  🙂

What is Dr. Safety?

Dr. Safety is an anti-virus, full-suite security app for mobile devices. It fends off virus intruders, guards your data privacy, finds lost devices, and keeps unwanted callers away with security technology by Trend Micro.

How much is your app?

$0.00 – available for free in the Google Play store!

Why does this app need so many permissions?

Dr. Safety gives strong protection and optimization for your Android devices, including virus clean, phone boost, battery saver, app manager, junk clean, app lock, Wi-Fi security scan, lost device protection, and other useful features. Some features require certain permissions to work correctly. If you do not use a feature, you don’t need to turn on permissions for that feature.

Here are what the required permissions are used for:
• Draw over other apps: used for critical alerts and app lock

  • Accessibility: used for safe web surfing and battery saver
  • App Usage Access: used for app lock, phone boost, CPU cooler, battery saver
  • Phone: used for call blocking
  • Storage: used for Scan Files, App Manager, Junk Clean
  • Contacts: used for call blocking
  • Location: used for Lost Device Protection and Wi-Fi Security Scan
  • SMS: used for call blocking

What should I do when update failed?

Please check if your phone is connected to internet and try to update again.

If auto update fails, we would like to provide a more customized instructions. Please email us your mobile phone model, OS version, and a screenshot of auto update setting. We will reply you ASAP!

What should I do when install failed?

Please check if your phone is connected to internet and try to install again. The failure might be the problem between Google Play and user environment. You can run a self-check by testing if other app can’t be installed as well, or go to Settings>Application manager>Google Play>CLEAR DATA. If auto install still fails, please contact us through Google Play feedback system.

Why can’t I uninstall Dr. Safety?

If you have enabled device administrator in Lost Device Protection, you may need disable it before you uninstall Dr.Safety.

How do I update the virus pattern?

The virus pattern is updated automatically when there is Internet connection by default. However, you can also manually update it if it is not the latest version. To update it manually, go to Scan Settings and tap Update Pattern.

What does this app do for Battery Saver?

Dr. Safety tries to force stop selected running apps to extend battery life. To force stop an app, the accessibility permission is required.

Can I pay to remove ads?

Yes, if you want to remove the ads, you can purchase “Trend Micro Mobile Security”

Why are there so many ads?

To provide all users with mobile security protection, the app is sponsored by ads. Our team will collect user feedback to further enhance in-app experience. If you see any ad with inappropriate content(s), please contact us at

My app is mistaken as threats?

Please submit the app link and screenshot to for further assistance.

How do I change the language?

If you wish to change the app language, please change the device language.

How do I sign out from mail scanner?

Please refer to this link to sign out from Mail Scanner:

How can I turn on auto-start for this app on my device?

Why do the photos in the album still exist after they are added to Photo Lock?

A: On some smartphones, or with certain photo apps, your photos are synced between your device and cloud automatically. This is convenient but sometimes not very safe (there are more and more account breach events recently). If you find your pictures still exist in the album, please find the system settings or account settings to turn off automatic sync. And then you can remove the pictures from the album permanently.

How to back up the photos in Photo Lock or move them to new phone?

A: Photo Lock allows you move your photos out to a public place in the device storage. After that, you can back up them or move them to a new phone with your own way.

How to reset password/pattern for photo lock if I forget it?

A: Please sign in your Trend Micro account first. When you forget your pattern, you can reset it with your Trend Micro account.

Dr. Safety is a bit Battery-consuming…What can I do?

We’re sorry to hear your feedback. It’s possible that they’re due to the following features: 1) Security Threat Scan-Real-time Scan, 2) Safe Web Surfing. You can try disabling both features to see if your phone doesn’t heat up and battery draining as much, just don’t forget to perform manual scan regularly and be extra careful when surfing the Net.

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